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Hello and welcome to the education services page of our website. Please take a look at the services we can provide below. If you do not see what you require, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.  

Access Communication Services (ACS) provides a variety of support options for Deaf learners in Education. We can support at School, College, University, training centres, workshops, in fact anywhere which delivers education or training. Our experienced staff are able to work with the student and staff to foster a positive and supportive educational experience.

At Access Communication Services we pride ourselves in providing quality learning facilitators whenever and wherever required, giving the Deaf learner total access to their educational experience.

Communication Support Worker

Our Communication Support Workers will provide support in a broad range of educational settings. Our friendly and flexible approach ensures a positive experience for students and staff, and facilitates an engaging learning experience.
Our CSW’s employ a broad range of communication methods, for example BSL, Cued Speech, and Note taking.

Manual/Electronic Note taker

Our qualified and experienced professionals can help a deaf learner get the most out of their course, either by handwritten or typed notes. The Note Taker will also adapt notes to meet the needs of the client.

English Language Support

CSW’s can help with modifying English text in documents to make them more accessible to the Deaf learner. They can also check the client’s English for grammar and spelling if required.

Exam Support

Our experienced and trained staff can support clients when taking exams, in line with current guidelines set out by Exam Boards.

BSL/SSE Support

CSW’s will discuss the Deaf learner’s preferred method of communication prior to commencing their support, this ensures the Deaf learner is entirely happy with their support before beginning their chosen course.

Cued Speech

Cued Speech (CS) can be used to access English in any setting. ACS trained staff can enhance a Deaf learner’s access to English by making it visual through the use of Cued Speech.

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