Our service offers support to the d/Deaf community from the ages of 8-80 years. We can support individuals who consider themselves Deaf BSL users (part of a cultural and linguistic community) to those who identify as deaf or hard of hearing (maybe using technical aids such as hearing aids or cochlear implants). This means we can support individuals who have a range of communication styles: BSL, SSE, speech and lipreading.

Our mentors will meet a range of needs as requested by the individual, so that they can become more confident, independent, less isolated and empowered (see below for more information); for example, meeting regularly in person to do activities and to attend events, these events maybe based in the community or online (dependent on government guidelines).

All our mentors are DBS checked and fully trained. For information on payments please contact Chivonne Chapman at Access Communication Services.

Deaf Role Model
Our mentors show individuals how they can achieve and break through barriers in their lives, acting as positive role models.

Our mentors will guide individuals to doing things for themselves, without having to rely on family or professionals, working towards independence.

Our mentors will share their own experiences and support individuals to work through their anxieties and concerns, to become more confident and assertive.

Our mentors will encourage individuals to achieve what they are capable of to access a variety of activities and interests and work towards self-motivation.

Social Skills
Our mentors will enable individuals to mix with others, to work on their social skills decreasing isolation issues and offering opportunities to network and find supportive peers.

Our mentors can share information with individuals in an appropriate communication style, ensuring that they can access and gain knowledge.

Our mentors have experience of many services and can signpost individuals to the appropriate service to meet their needs, both professional and personal.

Our mentors will show individuals that they can do it!